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About Calculus World Cup

The first world cup combining e-sports and Mathematics in a single competition.
Enjoy the excitement of solving quizzes and conquering the game.
Compete with young talents from all over the world.
Prizes of a value of over $70,000
Take the challenge and be the world’s best mathematician.
It's now or never! The next world champion will be you!

What is CWC?

Calculus World Cup is an international competition combining Mathematics and E-sports. Participants will compete over Calculus on PaGamO.

What is PaGamO?

PaGamO is the world's first multi-player social gaming platform for education, where students can learn and repeat class materials while gaming online.

Hosted by

National Taiwan University

Bonio Inc.

Co-Hosted by

Cathay Life Insurance




Institute for Information Industry





Competition Information


• Current undergraduate, graduate, PhD students from all over the world.

• The 12 teams getting into the Final are required to show Certificate of Enrollment. The host has the right to disqualify the player if he/she fails to provide proof of enrollment.

• One person can only register for one team. If duplicate registrations are detected, the host may disqualify the applicant.


  • 2015/10/12 - 2016/02/14


    - Students from the same university form a team (maximum of three people per team).
    - Be ware of choosing your teammate! It can't be changed after the information is sent.
    - Once the competition starts, the game will be reset to the initial outset and you can compete!

  • 2016/02/15 12:00 PM -
    2016/02/22 12:00 PM (GMT +8)


    - The preliminary round will be held online.
    - The competition will last for 7 days (24hrs open).

  • 2016/04/08


    - The top 12 teams will be invited to Taiwan for the final.
    - The host will arrange the accommodation for players and provide ticket subsidy.




The top 3 of the final round will be awarded with cash rewards and trophies while the other finalists will receive certificates of participation and other prizes. Great prizes with a value of over $ 70,000 await our finalists!

Second prize

PaGamO Global Version
for 6 months ($15,000)

First prize

PaGamO Global Version
for 12 months ($25,000)

Second prize

PaGamO Global Version
for 6 months ($15,000)

Third prize

PaGamO Global Version
for 3 months ($7,500)

Competition Rules


• Due to potential trouble of accessibility from Mainland China, Chinese participants will be able to access the game from a separate server. Also, Chinese participants should not register the game in the other region.(People who violate this rule would be disqualified.)
However, they will still compete with all the other participants.

• A total of 12 teams will be selected for the finals. The top 9 of the World Area and the top 2 of the Mainland China area will be qualified, while one spot will be reserved for a local team.

• At most, two teams from the same university can get into the final.


• In a case of two or more teams having the same score, the team whose university has a higher game ranking will qualify for the ticket to the final.

• In a case of the selected teams being unable to participate in the final, the vacancy will be filled according to the gaming ranking.

• The final will be in elimination series and have two rounds in total. More competition rules will be released before the final.

Calculus World Cup will be held on PaGamO-online gaming platform for education. Register now to give it a shot!

If a player violates the competition rule and affect the equality of the game, the host has the right to disqualify him/her.

The host has the right to modify the competition rules.

About Us

PaGamO is the world’s first multiplayer online social gaming platform for education, where students can learn and repeat class materials while gaming online and teachers can monitor student performance in real-time, create individualized curricula for each student and manage classrooms efficiently. Having been awarded with the highest award in education innovation, the “Reimagine Education” Award held by the Wharton Business School PaGamO has already begun redefining the educational landscape with over 5,000 teachers and 70,000 students using the software in classrooms around the globe.

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